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The Great Indian College Life Checklist

College to go to                                                         Check 

Great friends to chill with                                        Check 

Delicious food across town                                      Check

Urge to hangout, get drinks, and celebrate!         Check 

A wallet that allows all of the above                       OOPS!!


Being a college student isn’t easy, neither is it always entertaining. If you ask us, it is a struggle - to make new friends, to sneak out at night, to have fun, to kill time, to plan your career, and yeah, to pass exams. We would love to eat out, sneak out, chill, party, EVERY SINGLE DAY.

The most difficult phase of being a student is the survival. The survival to live life 5-figure size in a 4-figure allowance. If you’ve never faced this struggle, you’re lucky. But if you face this on an everyday basis, YUP is for you.


Make way for YUP CARD -  a privilege card program designed exclusively for college students in Kolkata and Delhi NCR. This card is your ticket to flat discounts and steal deals. All you have to do is go to the outlet, show your YUP Card & avail the offer.


We are talking about great deals on food, entertainment, travel, shopping to almost everything else you need. YUP cares for you, and we aim for you to explore, thrive, and celebrate together.


Stop looking up deals, already! YUP Card is hassle-free, with none of the minimum/maximum business. With YUP there’s unlimited usage - NO MINIMUM BILLING and its VALID EVERYDAY, everywhere. Indulge with your friends and keep making amazing memories.  


Student life can now be more exciting as you spend more time with your friends, socialise at gatherings, build large networks, take breaks, hang out, interact, and put your minds in the creation of the extraordinary.


YUP stands for Youth Uniting Privileges. This endeavour is run by Neogen Privileges as part of its Youth Uniting Privilege Programme.